The Regenerative Medicine Initiative Germany - RMIG - is a German association of all relevant players in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Its main objectives are to translate findings from basic research into clinical applications and products, and to position Germany as a forefront location for translational medicine in this area.

India is one of the most important international regions in the development of cell based therapies and regenerative medicine. The development of scientific excellence in today´s India in all relevant research areas which contribute to regenerative therapies bears great potential for future co-operation between India and Germany. Therefore, the RMIG is looking for partnerships in India to explore synergy in basic- as well as in applied research in the field of regenerative medicine.

In the context of the marketing initiative 'Germany - Land of Ideas' the RMIG co-ordination office will build a sustainable bilateral Indo-German network in this field. Through targeted marketing measures the aim of this network is to prepare the ground for joint research projects, the acquisition of human resources and the joint development of therapies for India's emerging market.


Germany´s regenerative medicine is distinguished by its excellent clinical research and successful translation from basic research to clinical applications and products. Therefore this field has the potential to generate innovative, cell based and economically sustainable solutions for e.g. diabetes, heart diseases, skin disorders, bone regeneration and stroke which are important for the markets in India.

Germany´s expertise

  • Outstanding expertise in tissue engineering at our innovative German companies (e.g. AutoTissue, co.don, Pharmicell, TransTissue Technologies, Vasotissue, Vita34, Zellwerk).
  • Expertise in Organogenesis / Organregeneration
  • Expertise in the field of the differentiation, characterization and use of adult as well as embryonic stem cells
  • Excellent know-how in the field of clinical studies 
  • Translation from bench to bedside
  • Excellent young scientists at our universities and research institutions

Activities of the RMIG-2-India marketing initiative are: 

  • Inventarisation of Regenerative Medicine in India, including online publication at the database
  • To establish a stable Indo-German network in regenerative medicine with partners in science and business to initiate and facilitate new projects in research and translation
  • RMIG-Participation at the Bangalore BIO 2009, June 2009
  • RMIG-Participation at BIO Asia in Hyderabad, February 2010
  • Forum Regenerative Medicine at BIO Asia for German and Indian representatives of industry representatives, clinics & research institutions, February 2010
  • Indo-German Expert-Forum Regenerative Medicine in Berlin, January/ February 2010


Research & Development

  • Joint research programmes in the relevant fields of our research institutions
  • Standardisation of cell banking and stem cell research at the whole


  • Technology transfer
  • Clinical trials and translation from bench to bedside


  • Collaboration in training and exchange programmes for young scientists
  • Providing information for Master & PhD programmes in Regenerative Medicine in Germany


The RMIG Marketing Campaign is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the Research in Germany Campaign.